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Terms and Conditions & Guest Policy

Common sense and a human approach (by us and you) underlines all of the below, and all of how we work.
1Stop-Experiences operates a Canadian incorporated company providing online booking of properties and events. Our company contact information is as follows:

1Stop-Experiences Inc.
#204, 8956 156 street,
Edmonton, Alberta, T5R 5Z6 Canada
Phone: +1 (780) 907 7696
Email: chris@1Stop-Experiences.com
Website: www.1Stop-Experiences.com
Facebook: 1Stop-Experiences
Twitter: @Cham_Experience

We also have a French SARL company:

Le Focus
Numéro d’identification: 813 532 975
289 Avenue Ravanel le Rouge, #3
Chamonix, France

The contract between you (“you”, being “you”, the person booking the accommodation and therefore representing everyone who will be staying at the accommodations for the time of booking… even if you don’t really like them) and 1Stop-Experiences Inc. (us) begins with you booking a location or event with us online, or by phone, and paying 25% of the total package price.

Payment Terms. You pay 25% of the total price when you make the booking. You’ll be charged the remaining 75% of the total price 8 weeks prior to the start of the trip or event. If you make the booking less than 8 weeks prior to the start, you will be charged the full price when you make the booking. If the charge doesn’t go through, we’ll notify you and give you a couple of days to fix it, but if not, we will cancel your booking. Payment can be made via a credit card, a bank transfer, or PayPal.

Currency and payments.  All prices are shown in Euros, and all payments will be processed in Euros.  The exchange rate and any currency exchange charges are only those assessed by your payment provider.

Cancellation and refunds. We understand that plans change. You understand that this is a business, and empty properties are not good for a business, so we do need some time to try and find another client if your plans change. So here’s the way it works: If you cancel more than 2 weeks prior to the start of your reservation, we refund 100%. If you cancel 2 weeks or less, we keep 25%. However, if we manage to re-sell the accommodation or event in those 2 weeks, then there will be no charge to you. We do the refund to the person who booked the accommodation (that’s you). You are responsible for distributing the refund back to your group.

Processing fee. This is not an easy way for us to make extra money, and we’re unlikely to charge it, but we have it in case we feel there is a lack of that “human approach” and common sense we talked about, or if you are so adorably high maintenance that it actually costs us considerable time and money. In this case, we will charge you €100 per change / transaction / effort.

Damage deposit. Accidents do happen, and occasionally people pack away something belonging to a property accidentally. So, we’ll ask you to give us the ability to charge your credit card for a period of up to 28 days after the end of your booking or event for any “accidents”, such as property damage, nuisance, theft or other loss or cost. The damage deposit has a notional limit of €1000, but keep in mind, if the cost of the “accidents” exceeds the damage deposit, you are still liable (even if it was one of those people in your group whom you don’t like).

Alteration or cancellation by us. It is highly unlikely that we would need to change or cancel your booking, but if that happens (e.g. an avalanche takes out the apartment, fire, flood, … whatever) we will do whatever possible to fix the issue with no disruption to you and your group. However, if we do have to change or cancel, and we can’t fix it in any way (that you agree to), we’ll refund 100% of what you’ve paid. We won’t refund more. Sorry.

Check-in time for the properties is 16:00. Check out time is by 10:00. If you need an exception, please contact us and we will see what we can do. If you are showing up to the accommodation after mid-night, we will likely charge you that processing fee above! You like to sleep. We like to sleep. ‘Nuff’ said.

Third parties not going well. There are things that both you and we rely on from others, but – if for whatever reason – those things don’t go as expected, we’ll try and get the situation fixed, but we will not be financially liable. These could be things such as the cable-TV network or WIFI network doesn’t work, or there’s a big street party outside your window one evening, or the ski lifts are all closed because of bad weather. You understand.

You and your group.
You (being the person booking the accommodation or event) are responsible for yourself and your group. That includes how you behave, common sense when it comes to noise, disturbing others, care for property (whether the accommodation property, or common property, or public property), and generally being good, responsible people. If you don’t behave, we reserve the right to immediately cancel your stay or event, and you will still have to pay for it. That would be bad.
Chamonix has some great bars and clubs. So, party there. Don’t do parties at the accommodations, and keep the noise down all the time, but especially after 22:00. The other people living and staying here have very little patience for noisy neighbours. Neither do we, so if it happens that we get a complaint about noise about you or your group, we may be cancelling your stay and you will still have to pay for it.
There’s no smoking in any of the properties or at the events. Smoking is bad for you anyways.
You and your group need to look after any of your children. That includes what they do at the property or event, and also what they do in restaurants and stores in the valley. Chamoniards have been known to feed wandering children massive amounts of caffeine and sugar and send them back to their parents.
You must lock up the property when you’re not there. French insurance does not cover theft unless there is a forced entry, so you are responsible for any losses and damages if you leave the accommodation unlocked, no matter for how short or long. This also applies if you leave the windows open during a snowstorm or rainstorm and the place gets damaged. That is your responsibility. Also, keep in mind that you are obviously responsible for all of your own things while you are in the valley.
We love pets. But some of our property owner partners do not. So, please contact us if you want to bring any pets along with you and we will see what we can do, but no guarantees. And – like children – if you do bring a pet, you are responsible for any and all damages. And if you bring a pet without checking with us first, we’ll cancel your vacation and also make a charge against the damage deposit.
Travel insurance. Get it, have it. We don’t insure your trip, so it is best if you do. That really comes in handy for that cancellation fee above.
Have fun. Seriously. It is your responsibility to have fun!

Limitation of Liability. In the event, that we have a problem, and we don’t get to a common sense, human solution between us, and we end up being found liable for something, our maximum liability is the cost of the booking. We won’t pay you more. Sorry.

Experience. Because this is our focus, we often do things “over and above”. Sometimes we do that based on what we know about you, but sometimes we have to guess. So, if we guess wrong, let us know, and we’ll try and do better next time!