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Property Owners

Why put your property with us?

A broad market focus
We have a network and a focus on European, Scandinavian, Russian and North American clients.

Discerning clients and experiences
Our target is mid to upper income clients.

There are many accommodation sites which focus on the younger, more thrifty clients for the Chamonix valley. We believe there’s an opportunity to focus on higher end, more experiential clients. That means we’re going to be rather discriminating when it comes to clients, and also rather discriminating when it comes to properties.

While the UK market is very well served in Chamonix, the French market, Swiss, and even Italian, Russian and German markets are underserved in terms of mid-range accommodations and services. Our language options, plus online marketing focuses on these underserved markets.

Our focus is apartments and chalets, primarily in the town centres of Chamonix, Les Houches, and Argentiere, ideally accommodating 4 – 6 people.

We have two models for prospective property owners

1. Free advertising of properties. Property owners can “advertise” on our site for free. No advertising fee at all. If a client books your property through our site, we charge a 10% service fee directly to the end client. 100% of the client payment (excluding the service fee) goes to you. You manage pricing, meeting the clients, communication, cleaning, keys, maintenance… everything. We’re simply acting as a marketing and booking site for you. You submit an application to us for your property with pictures, we have a discussion about the property, and when approved, we place it on our site.

2. We fully manage the rental of your property. We look after all client communication, meeting the clients, pricing, keys, cleaning, maintenance, … everything. We agree with you on a set daily rate, and then we manage the end client pricing to ensure optimal occupancy. No matter what we charge the end client, you receive the guaranteed daily rate. For all of this, we agree on a split of the daily rate with you. That is, you receive an guaranteed portion of the daily rate for every day your property is rented. We pay for all cleaning costs, and minor supplies. Property maintenance costs are covered by you, but we agree on any maintenance in advance, and we arrange it all. After one year of this model, we’ll agree with you on a guaranteed annual or seasonal occupancy rate, meaning even if the actual occupancy rate is below the guaranteed rate, you get paid at the guaranteed occupancy rate. The pricing and occupancy risk is on us. We believe our differentiation is in exceptional, managed, tailored customer experiences, so obviously this second approach is our preferred way of partnering… but we understand trust takes time to build. For all of the above, we’re open to discussions. For us, this is about creating a great, managed experience for clients, but also for property owners and all partners. That’s why it’s called 1Stop-Experiences!

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