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About Us

The people behind your Chamonix experience

About us

Everything is about the experience. All it takes is a little detail either going great, or going poorly, to change a vacation. We know that, and we have a history of creating positive, managed, great customer experiences.  That’s our main focus behind 1Stop-Experiences. We provide a great experience for your stay here in the Chamonix valley, whether that be for skiing, boarding, climbing, hiking, biking, or just enjoying the environment.

There are A LOT of companies offering “just” a place to stay in and around the valley, but we know your experience depends on more than just the accommodation. Yes, we do focus on higher quality accommodations, great locations, and those “little extras” about the accommodation to make the experience outstanding. And in addition, we also provide you the ability to have your lift tickets and rental equipment booked online and delivered to your accommodation. We provide you the ability to conveniently book your airport transport with high quality, reputable transfer services. We provide you the ease of booking everything from guides, to instructors, to spas, to food, to….  Whatever you need to make your experience here in the Chamonix valley unforgettable.

And now, about us!

Chamonix France

Hi! I’m Chris. I’ve been living in the Chamonix valley since 2013, and I’ve been a regular visitor since 2005. I fell in love with the valley, its people, culture and charm. I’ve worked and skied all over the world, but Chamonix is my favourite by far! I love the off-piste skiing here in the valley, and the unlimited lines to be had. I’m a newbie to climbing, but I love that here too. Plus there’s biking, and hiking, and photography and cooking. Just a place where so many passions can be experienced. Before setting up 1Stop-Experiences, I was in more “corporate” roles, managing companies in the Baltics, Canada and the Czech Republic. I really love the leading, coaching and interacting with people, from colleagues and customers to partners and suppliers – and that’s I want to bring to life in 1Stop-Experiences.


I’m a huge believer in creating great, managed, positive customer experiences. Not enough companies do it. We have made this desire to be customer focused the founding principle of our business. We are committed to giving our customers their ultimate experience during their trips here to the Chamonix valley.


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Hi! I’m Terese. I’ve worked in every area of customer service, marketing and event management for nearly 20 years. I am passionate about photography, and I am very lucky to be able to indulge my passion in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world.

I am constantly looking for new challenges and experiences for friends, clients, partners and myself. In everything I do, I spend time thinking through all the tiny details to make sure everything goes smoothly. I love adding unexpected details, something beyond what’s expected – and the “wow” reaction is my payback. People say being artistic and rational is a rare personality trait, and that’s what I want to bring you with 1Stop-Experiences.